Laundry Renovations

We are open to assist with any upgrades, renovations or other adjustments or modifications you may need in your laundry room.

Laundry Renovations

A variety of laundry room renovation services.

We offer a variety of services designed to transform your laundry room from a neglected area to a more welcoming and efficient space.

We will help you improve the ventilation of the room to guarantee better working conditions.

We can also update your outdated plumbing and electrical wiring systems to ensure your laundry appliances do not wear out prematurely, saving you costly replacement expenses.

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How Our Renovators Can Help

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From creating more welcoming spaces to updating outdated systems, the team at Pro Bathrooms Geelong is equipped to make significant improvements to your laundry room.

Creating a More Welcoming Laundry Room

One of the main issues with laundry rooms is that they don’t have, at times, any type of ventilation. What you’ll have to do in those cases to make sure that area isn’t too hot is have an air conditioner there working at maximum capacity. A lot of times, that’s not sustainable, either. One of the best ways to improve “working conditions” within these rooms is to add natural ventilation within the room.

Updating Plumbing In These Areas

Another one of the problems that we see on a consistent basis with these rooms is outdated plumbing and electrical wiring. The issue is you can make new equipment work in those conditions, but it can potentially wear out much quicker. That’s probably not something that you want. To be able to create a better laundry area we can update your plumbing. This can be a preventive measure as well. You don’t want to have a leaky gas line anywhere in your house. These laundry rooms tend to be the most at-risk areas at times. That’s precisely because homeowners neglect them.

Why You May Want to Give Us a Call Before Buying a New Machine

The last thing that you want is to plug in a new machine only to see it fail a few months later. This happens more often than you may think; it comes down to faulty wiring or even plumbing in some cases. You may be dealing with a leak, and that can throw off the amount of water that’s getting into the machine. If you run it dry or semi dry it can overheat. We don’t want to scare anyone into giving us a call or anything like that. It is true, though, that with faulty wiring or plumbing, some of these machines are more likely to break apart quickly.

Other Types of Help That You May Need

Is there an element within your laundry room that you would like to change, but you didn’t see it mentioned here? There can be plenty of things that can be adjusted within these rooms to be able to make your experience a better one. Give us a call or contact us to let us know what you need help with. There’s a great chance that we’re going to be able to provide the assistance that you’re looking for.

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